Emergency Retina Care in Rockville

Accidents happen and sometimes they happen to the most delicate and vulnerable part of the body – the eye. An injury to the eye happens without warning and unlike serious eye diseases requires instantaneous reaction and treatment to prevent vision loss. Emergency retina care in Rockville from our retina Group of Washington is here to help prevent devastating damage due to ocular trauma.

Ocular trauma is defined as any injury to the eye. The injury may have been due to mechanical trauma (blunt or penetrating), chemical agents, or radiation (ultraviolet or ionizing). Ocular trauma is a leading cause of visual loss and blindness, which can happen to anybody but frequently affects young people. Worldwide, it is estimated, there are approximately 1.6 million people blind from eye injuries with many more suffering some degree of vision loss each year. Our emergency retina care in Rockville physicians are prepared to respond to ocular trauma cases quickly with expert care. Speed of treatment is critically important to prevent severe damage to the retina and other critical parts of the eye. Baring severe ocular damage most traumas will begin to heal within 48 to 72hours following conservative treatment procedures.

When it comes to combating ocular trauma our emergency retina care in Rockville practice stresses two things; prevention and quick treatment. It is important that when engaging in athletics or work that involves the possibility of flying debris such as construction or yard work that we emphasize the use of protective eye wear. Most optical shops can take a prescription from our doctor and fabricate protective eye wear that allows the patient to see clearly. When ocular trauma occurs, no matter how slight you think the injury may be please call our office and be seen by one of our doctors immediately.