Retina Specialist in Gaithersburg

Retina eye doctor in Gaithersburg

Retina specialist in Gaithersburg

Retina specialist in Gaithersburg

If you are looking for an excellent retina practice, then you will definitely want to come in to see our ophthalmologists at The Retina Group of Washington. If you need the services of a true retina specialist in Gaithersburg, you can do no better than to come in to see our retina specialist.

The Retina Group of Washington is considered to be one of the best retinal care practices in the country. We have several offices in the Washington DC area and in neighboring cities so that our patients can experience care close to home, in smaller offices that offer a small-practice feel. We have over 26 retinal specialists all of whom specialize in different areas of retinal health. When you see one of our retina eye doctors, you are in effect receiving the specialized care from all of our doctor’s. This is because our eye doctors frequently consult with their colleagues on more involved cases. Our retina specialist in Gaithersburg can provide you with all kinds of retinal treatment. Sometimes retinal treatment can be performed right here in our office; other times the treatment will be done at a nearby surgical facility. Our offices are always associated with all of the surgical facilities in the area at which retinal procedures are performed. This way our patients are able to receive the advanced care that they need in a location that is close to home, and is easy for them to get to. The doctors at our facility have extensive experience and sub–specialty expertise, and also conduct cutting-edge research. We also specialize in pediatric retinal care needs, so if your child needs to have a retinal eye problem addressed, you will definitely want to bring him or her in to see our experienced eye doctor. The Retina Group of Washington has been providing excellent retinal care for over 30 years.

For an appointment to meet with our retina specialist in Gaithersburg, for treatment of a retinal tear, retinal detachment, and many other retinal and macular disorders, contact us today.

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