ForeseeHome™ Empowers You to Monitor Your AMD

As people age, many people start having trouble with their eyesight. One of the most common conditions that affects them is AMD – age-related macular degeneration – the leading cause of severe, irreversible vision loss in people over age 60.

Fortunately, advanced technologies are allowing for greater monitoring and enhanced vision capabilities for people with a certain kinds of AMD. At the office of Retina Group of Washington – Maryland – Rockville, our team of highly-skilled eye professionals will explain all of the options available to you. Among them: ForeseeHome,™ home monitoring device clinically proven to identify even the smallest changes in your vision.

AMD has two types: wet and dry. Wet macular degeneration is a chronic eye disorder that causes blurred vision or a blind spot in your visual field. It’s generally caused by abnormal blood vessels that leak fluid or blood into the macula, the part of the eye’s retina responsible for central vision. Dry macular degeneration, which often progresses to the wet form, is due to the thinning of the macula, is more common but less severe. Early detection is the best way to catch the progression from dry AMD to wet AMD.

ForeseeHome® allows us to detect signs of AMD progression earlier, and help preserve vision in patients at risk by beginning prompt treatment. When used daily, the ForeseeHome Monitor can identify vision changes even before the patient notices them, giving us the ability to review test results consistently and address any problems quickly.

Your vision is our top priority

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