Retinal Surgery in Rockville

Retina specialist in Rockville

Retinal surgery in Rockville

Retinal surgery in Rockville

Have you been told by your optometrist that you need to see a retina specialist? Or, have you been having certain types of visual problems such as flashes of light with an increased number of floaters? When you have signs of retinal problems, or have been told that you need to see a retinal specialist, you will want to come to The Retina Group of Washington where you can receive the highest level of retinal surgery in Rockville.

The Retina Group of Washington is one of the nation’s leading retinal care practices. We are located in and around the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas in several different office locations. This way we are able to provide our patients with exemplary care at an office setting that is warm and has a smaller office field. At our Rockville location we are very pleased to have four expert eye surgeons on staff. They are: Dr. Vinay N. Desai; Dr. T. Mark Johnson; Dr. Michael M. Lai; and Dr. Gayatri S. Reilly. At our practice, patients can get a full range of retinal and macular disease treatments and thorough and accurate diagnoses of eye problems. Our practice is also known to conduct cutting edge clinical research trials. If you need retinal surgery in Rockville you can do no better than to come in and be seen at our leading practice by one of our retina specialists.

The retina and macula are located at the back of the eye and can be the source of many eye diseases or problems. Among the many retinal diseases that we treat are: age-related macular degeneration; retinal detachments and tears; diabetic retinopathy; macular holes, puckers and edema; myopic macular degeneration; sickle cell retinopathy; central serous retinopathy; retinal vascular occlusive disease; and other problems of the retina and macula. Our doctors are all affiliated with local hospitals and clinics where retinal surgery is performed on a regular basis. This way you will be sure to have your procedure performed at a location that is convenient to you. We are always sure to provide each patient with the highest level of attention and compassionate care. Our retina specialists’ skills and experience are among the best in the nation; you will not be able to find better retina eye care than that which is offered at our practice. In total, we have 26 retina specialists on staff. Our doctors frequently consult with one another to be sure that our patients are receiving the very best care for even the most involved or unusual cases. For an appointment to see our retina specialist for retinal surgery in Rockville, or for an eye exam and diagnosis, contact us today.

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